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KSS Professional Premium Mineral Foundation Shades

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Very light neutral with a yellow undertone - great to even out pink/redness in the skin
Light neutral very natural looking on all fair "porcelain" skin tones
Light to medium neutral suitable for both pink and yellow skin tones. Our most popular neutral shade
Olive medium neutral for skin with a cool undertone and fair ethnic backgrounds
Medium neutral with a warm base perfect for "sun-kissed" caucasian skin
Dark neutral with a yellow undertone and a bronzed base. Also a great bronzer for fair skin
Light brown for "caramel" skin with a rich golden tone. Great for African-American and ethnic skin tones
Medium brown with a warm base and beautiful coverage. Most popular shade for African-American skin tones and a great bronzer for mid-range neutral skin
Dark brown for "chocolate" skin. Suitable for both warm and cool skin and balances out darker African-American skin
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