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KSS Professional's Philosophy

All Natural Ingredients

“Our goal from the beginning has been to guarantee that KSS Professional is as healthy and beneficial as it is effective - and it is very effective. We use the highest quality, safest ingredients and never use cheap synthetics. The result is a stellar product that nourishes, protects and above all, looks amazing!

As a clinical esthetician the first question clients always ask after discussing skin care products and services is the question about makeup. Since my focus was always on skin, ingredients, and techniques I had never taken the time to explore the world of makeup. I felt that I was not the authority I needed to be for my clients and their makeup inquiries. In the esthetics industry we are trained "mineral makeup is always better and healthier for the skin". Because of this training, when working with clients I would just tell them to stick with minerals. I realized I really needed to know more than just "stick with minerals". I wanted to be able to effectively recommend different brands of mineral makeup so I started my journey down the road of researching makeup and their ingredients.

I am extremely selective with skin care ingredients and my philosophy in treating skin is to do so effectively without causing irritation or damage at the same time. I was very surprised by learning about some of the natural "healthy" ingredients that are commonly found in most of the big name mineral makeup products. What I was disappointed to learn was that there are many irritating and unhealthy ingredients used that unfortunately come from natural sources which allows these companies to tout them as being "all natural and healthy". This discovery sparked my research into companies producing mineral lines that did not use any of these harmful ingredients. After ordering samples from companies across the country, I experimented and tested all types of loose mineral foundations. Again, I became dismayed as I realized the companies that did not use the toxic and irritating ingredients did not look or wear very well on the skin! What is the use of a healthy mineral makeup if it doesn't look nice when you wear it?

It was at this point I decided it was necessary for me to take matters into my own hands to create a foundation I would be comfortable and proud to offer my clientele. Again, much research, trial and error were involved in finding the right raw minerals that had been processed correctly and formulated how they needed to be for me to create the perfect mineral foundation.

Finally, after a very long journey I am excited to be at the place to have a stellar product that is head and shoulders above what is currently on the market as a loose mineral foundation. Our minerals are considered "dense" which is how they give such beautiful coverage and are amazingly long wearing. Our signature line has nine different shades and they do produce a gentle, but not overwhelming glow for the skin. The feedback from clients and the community has been extremely positive and women everywhere are so excited to find a loose mineral foundation that looks lovely, feels like nothing, lasts all day and they can be assured it is very beneficial for the skin.

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