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KSS Professional Testimonials

Kenlee Livingston

“As a master esthetician who has worked in medical skin care, clinical skin care and spa skin care environments, I take an individualistic approach with my client's skin care needs. I believe in offering the most effective products and treatments, in the healthiest way, for the best value. Great skin should not be exclusive to any group or economic status. Everyone is entitled to beautiful skin! I love to create exclusive products and protocols which in turn create results never before found in other skin care facilities.”

Read some of the wonderful comments our clients have said!

"I am becoming a make-up wearer now and I was only a special occassion wearer before...I love it!! I have only had it for a week and have already worn it several times, which is very unusual for me! It doesn't make my skin feel tight/dry/flaky, doesn't rub off at all, doesn't take much to's wonderful! I wore make up for full days and purposefully kept it on until right before I went to bed. I was expecting to have some sort of pimple popping up somewhere on my face because of that and nothing at all!! There is no way I could even wear my other make up (new or old) for a few hours without having some sort of blemish appear within a day or less."

"It is life-changing. The face is the 1st thing people see, and now it can look and feel flawless! And it's extremely affordable, with the most amazing brush! Never sheds!"

"The KSS Professional foundation is AMAZING. I've never loved minerals before(my big-name mineral purchase always felt like a waste). This is very smooth, easy to build, actually covers well, and covers those darker spots when I apply a more concentrated amount with a little foundation brush, wears well through a moderate/hard workout in boxing class, and is just fun to use! Now that my face is done flaking and is done 'detoxing' from no moisturizer, it is just a dream to use, and the price feels more than fair. The brush is so key though. The bristles hold the foundation really well."

"Everyone just has try this foundation - it is the most amazing product I have ever used!"

"I've tried them all and was really happy with Bare Minerals but after meeting Kenlee and learning all about my skin and all the bad stuff in all the other foundations I was ready to try the KSS Mineral Foundation - Let me tell you - IT IS AMAZING!"

"I’ve always wanted to wear just powdered make up, but never could because of my breakouts and uneven skin, and now I can! I haven’t even needed to do my hourly “blotting” this week! I am so happy with everything and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you! Again, your make up is AWESOME!!!"

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